MT Sports

Minor Protection Agreement

Meta Sports attaches great importance to the protection of minors.

1 If you are a minor, you should read this agreement under the supervision and guidance of your guardian, and you have obtained the consent of your guardian for using Meta Sports services.

2 Guardians should guide their children on the security issues they should pay attention to when they go online, and prevent problems before they occur. If the guardian agrees that minors use the platform services of Meta Sports. If you use VIP services, you must apply for consumption in the name of the guardian, and correctly guide and supervise the use of VIP membership services by minors. The use of VIP membership services by minors and the exercise and performance of the rights and obligations under this agreement shall be deemed to have obtained the guardian's approval.

3 Meta Sports reminds minors to be good at online learning when using membership services, recognize the difference between the online world and the real world, and avoid being addicted to the Internet and affecting their daily learning and life.

For more information on personal information processing and protection rules, users' control over personal information, etc., please go to the Meta Sports platform to view the full text of the "Meta Sports Privacy Policy"