MT Sports

About MT Sports

MT Sports is a professional sports livescore platform, which includes Official Network and APP (Android and IOS versions), providing fans with professional basketball and football live scores, schedule,results, sports short videos, news, leagues Club databases and expert forecasts and more.

Sports live score

The real-time score of the game is updated 24 hours a day, and the global match data is one step ahead! Schedule preview, master the first-hand schedule, index data!

Sports forecasts

Sports experts provide professional football and basketball forecasts to give you more and better football recommendations.

Sports news

Football and basketball news is updated in real time 24 hours a day, such as the latest football/basketball club results, player transfer dynamics, post-match analysis, pre-match forecasts, star gossip, etc.!

football database

It collects league data,club and player databases from all over the world, such as standings, scorers, goal videos, etc., as well as leagues, clubs and players databases, so you can easily query them.

Goal short video

Post fresh short videos of goals every day. Compared with other apps, the short videos of MT Sports are faster and more comprehensive. It is a rare spiritual enjoyment to swipe a short video of scoring goals every day.

VIP benefits

As a VIP member of MT Sports, you can get all the benefits of the website, including: global live viewing, free viewing of some expert forecasts, exclusive privileges such as comment sticking and highlighting, and more benefits are waiting for you in the future.

Win-win cooperation

Meta Sports provides data services such as sports scores, live broadcasts, goal short videos, news, game result predictions, statistical data, etc., and can provide data API interfaces. Welcome to discuss cooperation, contact email: [email protected]