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Web Front-End Developer

1. More than one year of development experience
2. Proficient in JavaScript scripting language
3. Proficient in css and familiar with responsive layout
4. Proficient in vue framework
5. Good job, communication and coordination skills
6. Those who have developed public accounts, small programs, and are proficient in using HBuilderX are preferred

Overseas Market SEO Optimization and Marketing Operations Specialist

Work content:
1. Responsible for the search engine optimization of the company's website;
2. Responsible for the standardization of overseas website links, optimization of content, architecture and code;
3. Formulate the overall and staged promotion plan for overseas websites, and complete the staged promotion tasks;
4. Improve the inclusion and ranking of overseas website content in search engines;
5. Formulate keyword strategies according to different products, coordinate the implementation of various departments, and monitor, and continuously optimize the plan;

Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 5 years experience in overseas SEO operation and management, English can be used as working language;
2. Familiar with Google, Twitter, and other platforms keyword weight, able to do a full range of SEO weight;
3. Familiar with the operation mechanism of overseas mainstream social media such as Facebook, Youtube, Ins, TikTok. Good at operating forums and blogger teams, understand video content production-operation links, and be able to carry out all-round media SEO planning;
4. Strong executive ability, self-driven, with excellent analytical learning ability and overall view.

Flutter Developer

1. Familiar with flutter development, more than one year of work experience;
2. Familiar with Provider or GetX framework;
3. Will use the native environment for packaging and publishing of ios and Android;
4. Good at teamwork and optimistic.

C# .Net Core Developer

1. College degree or above, major in computer or related, more than 1 year working experience;
2. Familiar with Visual Studio development tools, with good code style and logical ability;
3. Proficient in C# language, net core technology, proficient in MVC, WebAPI development;
4. Familiar with client-side technologies such as html, css, js, jQuery or extjs;
5. Familiar with SQL Server database technology;
6. Familiar with multi-layer architecture, common design patterns, with object-oriented programming ideas;
7. Have a sense of teamwork, be willing to communicate with each other, be enthusiastic about programming, be proactive in work, be able to take the initiative to acquire new knowledge, and have a strong ability to comprehend;

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