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Uzbekistan won the AFC U20 Championship

Published:2023-03-19 By Lâm Thoả (MetaSports) Comments
Rakhmonaliev successfully kicked the penalty, helping host Uzbekistan beat Iraq 1-0 in the final of the Asian U20 Championship on March 18.

The situation that decided the final took place in the 70th minute. Fayzullaev faked the ball and then suddenly turned to escape. Sajjad made a mistake, tripped the number 14 and referee Nazmi Nasaruddin immediately blew the penalty for Uzbekistan.

On the 11m mark, captain Rakhmonaliev performed correctly, scoring the only goal of the final.

Uzbekistan entered this match with a great advantage when playing at Milliy's home ground with the enthusiastic cheers of nearly 34,000 spectators. Coach Ravshan Khaydarov's army was also more confident when the group stage defeated Iraq 1-0 despite having to play short of people from the 44th minute.

However, the first third of the first half, they had difficulty in deploying the ball when Iraq moved continuously, fiercely contested, intercepted right from the middle of the field. Uzbekistan's first significant chance came after 15 minutes. Makhamadjanov crossed low from the left to eliminate the entire defense, but the striker Jurraboev missed the ball when the goal was wide open only about two meters.

Uzbekistan gradually increased pressure. The Iraqi defense was under great pressure and began to appear mistakes. In the 22nd minute, Adam failed to let Fayzullaev steal to escape. However, the home team's number 14 pushed the ball a bit long, so that goalkeeper Hussein could rush to the rescue. Three minutes later, it was Ali Shaheen's turn to be oblivious, letting Jurraboev slip behind him and receive Fayzullaev's pass and finish. But again, goalkeeper Hussein was able to block with his foot.

In the 31st minute, goalkeeper Hussein could not save his teammates for the third time when Adam continued to make a mistake to break the ball for Fayzullaev to escape and put the ball into the net. No. 6 held his head disappointed with the mistake but out of bounds, the referee raised the flag for offside, the goal was disallowed.

In the second half, Iraq played better, not letting Uzbekistan press continuously like the first half. They even had a sharp counter-attack, nearly scoring in the 65th minute. From Ali Jasim's slot, Jameel escaped to face the opponent's keeper. However, No. 10's shot failed to beat Boymurodov.

Iraq was playing well when Sajjad made a mistake, kicked Fayzullaev's foot in the penalty area, letting Rakhmonaliev kick 11m to open the scoring. After the goal, coach Emad Mohammed's army pushed up the squad, playing risky games to find an equalizer. They created situations to shake the opponent's goal but lacked a bit of precision in the last situations to be able to bring home a goal. In the 84th minute, Adam shot from close range, but the ball went to Boymurodov's position. Uzbekistan's goalkeeper then stopped Ali Elaibi's cross, not letting the visitors' striker finish close to the goal.

Referee Nazmi Nasaruddin blew the whistle at the end of time, and Uzbekistan players rushed into the field to celebrate the first championship in the Asian U20 Championship. In addition, this team also owns the award for the best player of the tournament for Fayzullaev and the best goalkeeper award for Boymurodov.

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